Ayurveda Research & Health Center, the only authentic center in Dhaka, Bangladesh with approach of true Indian Ayurveda Kerala Panchkarma. Center was started in 2014 as a joint venture by Ms. Zahida Ispahani, W/O Chairman Ispahani group Late Mr Mirza Behrus Ispahani and Lady Sayeda Sarwat Abed, W/O Chairman BRAC Sir Faizal Hasan Abed, with a view of generating awareness about Indian system of medicine along with holistic approach to healthy lifestyle. Center aim is to make diseased free from disease and make an healthy individual more healthier 


As Ayurveda says serv an individual with true dedication and pure knowledge, we at ARHC are trying to follow same principle with our skillful dedicated team. We have a doctor from India, Dr. Shalin Bharti, highly skilled and dedicated to system of Ayurveda who also follows principles of Ayurveda in his practical life, the registered practitioner has completed his graduation from one the top most Ayurveda institute of India, also owns a degree in Masters in hospital management, he was awarded Bhartiya Chikitsa Ratna award in India, as well has been International Yoga champion. Our therapists are trained from Kerala, India as well our doctor also gives high standard training to all of them with regular updates. As a vital part of service we have very efficient front desk team along with a junior doctor from Bangladesh, who are dedicated to guide an individual to provide maximum benefits out of our services.

                   We specialise ourselves in treatment of multiple psychosomatic ailments, weight management, hair problems, skin problems, joints pain, back pain, age related problems, diabetes, hypertension, migraine, sinus problem, pre and post natal care,beauty related issues, sexual problems and may more. Every individual is accessed for his/her body constitution, nature of disease and lifestyle so as to give an appropriate treatment and medicines. We use our own products so as to minimise any type of side effects of therapies or medicines, our medicines are 100% herbal with no adultrations in them so you get the best results of it. We use concept of true Ayurveda herbal facials where we use real raw form of products like fruits, vegetables and certain combinations of herbs as well which gives you assured results and look of beauty 

                  ARHC welcomes you to experience our Royal signature treatment packages as well facials so as to reveal best out of you, please go through our website for more details, also feel free to contact us.